Mexican flag dual nationality of Marco Polo professional circus high wire act

High Wire Artist

United Kingdom flag dual nationality of Marco Polo spectacular high wire walker

Marco Polo death defying high wire stunts and high wire act a modern day Blondin of the high wire

Marco Polo was born to circus family Pazaran in Mexico.  He has performed across the world from the USA, United Kingdom and Europe, with his death defying High Wire act.  No work permit or visa is required for the UK or Europe.


Marco Polo in one of his Mexican costumes

He performs without the aid of a safety net at heights of up to 113m, at some of the largest Circuses, Galas and outside spectaculars.

Some of the venues at which he has performed include:

Circo Fuentes Gasga (Mexico)
Circo Bells (Mexico)
Circo atayde (Mexico)
Circo Tihany (USA)
American Circus (USA)
Circus King (UK)
Hungarian State Circus (UK)
Bobby Roberts Circus (Glasgow UK)
Chipperfields Circus (UK)
Peter Jay's Superdome Circus (Blackpool UK)
Uncle Sam's Great American Circus (UK)
Duffys Circus (Ireland)
Courtneys Circus (Ireland)
Universal Renz (Germany)
Flic Flac (Germany)
Rose- Marie Malta Circus (Belgium)

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