Mexican flag dual nationality of Marco Polo professional circus high wire actUnited Kingdom flag dual nationality of Marco Polo spectacular high wire walker

Marco Polo death defying high wire stunts and high wire act

History and Act

Marco Polo on a high wire from the top of a very tall light house

Light house at Plymouth UK


Marco Polo in Mexican costume up high in the big top

Superdome, Blackpool. UK

Marco Polo named himself after his boyhood hero. He looks upon himself as a modern day adventurer on the high wire.
Breaking new ground each year, he keeps attempting more and more dangerous feats of skill, exciting audiences all over the world

Marco Polo never uses a safety net and has refused to do so on every occasion. 

Marco Polo performing his daring blindfold walk with his feet in wicker baskets


Marco Polo balanced on a chair high up in the big top

Circo Italiano, Mexico

Sometimes he uses a balancing pole but he often runs lightly along the wire without it. Whether dancing, skipping, sitting on a chair balanced on the wire, or simply walking on the high wire, Marco Polo seems to be at home in the air.

His death defying act culminates in a breathtaking, totally blindfolded walk across the high wire, with his feet placed in two wicker baskets, which is his original creation.

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